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What is WyldLife?

The philosophy of WyldLife is the same as Young Life's has always been — introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them to grow in their faith. But, because middle school kids are at a different developmental stage than high schoolers and need different things, we make a subtle delineation between the two.

WyldLife Leaders

WyldLife leaders include high school students who are strong in their faith, college students, moms and dads and retirees. Some of the best WyldLife teams across the mission are those with a mix of leaders, because every age group has something to offer middle school kids. All volunteers are trained and supervised by staff members.

WyldLife Club

WyldLife clubs are a practiced art form. They are high energy and interactive, fast paced and unpredictable. Leaders use personal testimonies, media clips, popular songs and a lot of creativity when planning the club format. WyldLife clubs don’t meet as often (every other week rather than weekly) and sometimes meet on weekends or afternoons rather than evenings. The form may change, but the message of Christ’s love remains the same. Some areas invite incoming middle schoolers to begin attending WyldLife clubs the semester before they actually arrive in middle school.

WyldLife Camping

WyldLife camp caters to the middle school-aged kid. While the same in principle and excellence, the specifics and schedule of middle school Young Life camping takes on a different form since early adolescents are at different places developmentally. From the talks each night to the pace of the day’s activities, Christ is proclaimed through relationships and programs in a way that connects to the heart of these kids.

Parent Involvement

In WyldLife, adults and parents usually play a more prominent role in the kids' lives and in their decisions. WyldLife Team Moms and Dads lead and shepherd a team of WyldLife leaders at a middle school and promote WyldLife with adults in the community. Parent Support Groups assist the staff and leaders with everything from praying for the ministry to providing food for club. When parents are part of the WyldLife team, the ministry succeeds.


Young Life is mainly funded by contributions from parents and other adults in each community. In addition, many churches and kid-friendly businesses support WyldLife.

How to Start a WyldLife Ministry

Parents of early adolescents are a proverbial gold mine in our WyldLife ministry. After much prayer and a stable core of concerned adults is established, organize a parents night where interested adults can come and ask questions and get involved. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Have committee and friends make a list of all the people they know with middle school-aged kids; then have them call and invite them to attend the meeting with them.
  • Invite key faculty and administrators at the school to attend.
  • Notify local churches of the event and ask them to announce it in their bulletins.
  • Request a flyer be handed out at the next PTA meeting inviting all parents to attend.
  • Invite the high school kids and have them bring their younger siblings.
  • Enlist parents and concerned adults who will faithfully pray and commit to promoting and provide for the ministry long term.
  • Interested in starting WyldLife in your community? Contact the Young Life Office at aliholroyde@gmail.com or call (843)-321-8441

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